Auditors & Accountants

CaseWare is guaranteed to be 3 times faster than any other spreadsheet solution! It’s no surprise then that CaseWare is used by a quarter of a million people in over 130 countries around the globe.


Synonymous with automated Financial Statements for over 15 years, CaseWare has changed the way over 500 000 companies globally prepare their Financial Statements.

Public Sector

CaseWare Public Sector improves your efficiency and accuracy by automating the production of a full set of financial statements according to the latest IPSAS or IFRS disclosure requirements.

Public Sector Audit

Trusted by top auditing firms across Africa and the rest of the globe, CaseWare for the Auditor General has all the benefits of our renowned auditing solution, adapted for this market.

CaseWare Africa

CaseWare is the global leader in auditing and financial reporting software and is used in over 130 countries worldwide. Our 18 000 users across Africa, consist of audit and accounting firms, government entities, municipalities as well as large blue chip companies.

CaseWare is the undisputed leader when it comes to compliance. Our leading content providers ensure you are always compliant with the latest disclosure changes on ISAs, IFRS and IPSAS. Our world-class products are not only designed to deliver on our compliance promise, but ensure quality results, increased effectiveness and improved profitability.