Purchasing a new software solution for your business is often a big decision. To help you, we have addressed some of the most frequently questions we get about CaseWare below. If we have not addressed something you would like to know – please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do we have to map every year?

You only need to map in the first year. From year 2 CaseWare will retain the mapping and only new accounts created throughout the year will need to be mapped.

How many people can use this package?

CaseWare is licensed per named user/workstation.

If we install CaseWare on our server, can anyone access it?

CaseWare is licensed per user and installed on each desktop. You can save your CaseWare data files to a central server which can be accessed by the licensed individual’s workstation.

Are the fees once off, or do I pay for it every year?

There is an annual renewal fee which includes support and compliance and functionality product enhancements. We send out updates each year as and when there are disclosure changes to make sure you are kept up to date at all times.

From what accounting systems can CaseWare do a direct import from?

We can import from approximately 80 different accounting packages. The most frequently used imports are from Quickbooks, Tally Accounting, Pastel, Sage and Accpac.

If somebody leaves our company, do we need to buy a new license or can we use that same license?

You can use the same license as it is licensed for 12 months at a time. All you need to do is call our support team to reset the code for the new user.

Will CaseWare accommodate our country's local legislative act?

Yes, CaseWare has incorporated every country’s specific acts and this is selected when you setup your client file in CaseWare.

What happens if my reporting layout is different to that of the CaseWare standard layout?

We have a team of skilled consultants who specialise in customising your annual financial statements according to your requirements.

Can CaseWare accommodate a group consolidated set of annual financial statements?

Yes we have a template specifically designed to consolidate several entities and automate a 4/6 column consolidated set of annual financial statements.

What do we get when we purchase CaseWare for Enterprise?

  • CaseWare license
  • Financial Statement Templates for:
    • IFRS for SMEs: For Companies, Closed Corporations, Sole Proprietors, Property Company and Trusts
    • Full IFRS for Companies
  • Consolidation template
  • CaseWare Connector

How does CaseWare ensure that we are always compliant?

We have content providers whose sole responsibility is to ensure that we update our software in line with IFRS disclosure changes. We send out 2-3 updates/patches/disks Per year depending on the relevant changes in legislation.

What happens if I need technical assistance?

We have a dedicated technical support team available through various channels, such as telephonic support, logging a request on our website and direct email support.

If I place my order, how soon can I get my software?

We will work closely with you to determine your requirements from a financial statements perspective and design a project plan to ensure a successful implementation. This is not a long process and we can have you up and running on CaseWare in no time.