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During your busiest time, leading up to year end and the reality of working long hours, you can work on the file offline, anytime and from anywhere.

SmartSync’s smart syncing capabilities also allow team members to work at home or at the office, without having to send the changes back and forth. With SmartSync, you will never lose momentum.

Work online or offline and boost your productivity

Combined with CaseWare, this revolutionary hybrid tool provides unmatched gains in productivity by allowing you to work from anywhere, and at anytime.

Collaborate with confidence

Team members can now work on local copies of a file, with each file synced automatically in the background. Each change is replicated to everyone at once and if any changes are made to the same part of the file by different team members the system will notify you immediately. You will have the ability to work on or review the file at any stage knowing you are accessing the most recent version.