The CaseWare Audit bundle is an integrated audit solution specifically designed to automate many traditional manual processes, significantly increasing your engagement efficiency – leading to better profits.

With a fully integrated audit methodology and built in compliance with IFRS, IFRS for SME’s and the International Standards on Auditing there is no better way to automate your practice.

It contains everything you need to run a more efficient and profitable practice, while ensuring your output includes all the necessary compliance. CaseWare is your ticket to practice review confidence.

Improved efficiencies and profitability

Three times faster than any spreadsheet solution, CaseWare allows auditors to automate processes to be more efficient, improve the accuracy of their work and present professionally prepared results. An improvement in your efficiencies leads to better profits.

Guaranteed Compliance

As IFRS and International Standards on Auditing increasingly make their presence felt. Our expert content partners keep you up to date with the most recent disclosure for IFRS and IFRS for SME’s, as well as International Standards on Auditing. With CaseWare, we take the stress out of compliance.

Fully integrated audit methodology

CaseWare enables you to electronically manage the entire audit process, from the planning to review stage. CaseWare’s built-in audit methodology is a risk based audit approach and designed to streamline your engagement.