BizSuite Monthly Management Reporting

BizSuite Management Reporting is an excellent add-on business tool to any existing accounting software. This management reporting software provides meaningful financial reporting at an affordable price, within minutes of month end close.

BizSuite includes many standard templates that enable you to benefit within no time. The extensively researched standard reporting templates included in the product first provide an overview of financial and non-financial information and then allow the user to drill down into more detail.

Save Time

BizSuite dramatically reduces the time involved in producing monthly management reports, freeing management to focus on data interpretation, rather than its preparation – enabling you to make sound business decisions!

See results quickly

BizSuite easily imports from several popular accounting systems and contains a standard set of monthly reporting templates which means you can be up and running in no time.

Increased Accuracy

Eliminates the risk of errors and inconsistencies associated with rigid report writers or complex spreadsheets. Because all the reports run off the same data, you are guaranteed to see one version of the truth.

Multi-purpose Reporting

View actual versus budgeted figures side-by-side, or compare a multitude of divisions, departments or even entities on one simple report. Should you have requirements outside of our templates; our expert consults will be able to customise the templates according to your needs.