Financial Statements

One of the issues facing companies today is how to best support their consolidation and reporting needs to achieve IFRS compliance. With over 20 years’ experience in the business of compliance, CaseWare has designed the ultimate solution to guide corporates in complying with the ever-changing IFRS regulations. Not only is your compliance dealt with, but we have also automated many of the traditional processes associated with the preparation of annual financial statements.

Always raising the bar, CaseWare’s Financial Statement template intelligently applies disclosure depending on your requirements.

Do you need to prepare a set of consolidated Financial Statements?

CaseWare’s add-on Consolidations module will automate the entire process for you from the setup of a consolidation structure (including subsidiaries, branches, divisions etc), passing consolidation journal entries to producing a full set of consolidated financial statements according to IFRS.

Trusted Compliance

CaseWare is the only solution that intelligently applies disclosure and adjusts the full set of financial statements according to your requirements. Our experts continually update the software in line with new disclosure which means that you are always assured of full compliance with IFRS and IFRS for SME’s.

Reduced Risk and Greater Control

Eliminates the risk of errors and inconsistencies associated with using complex spreadsheets. With CaseWare’s intelligent built-in validation process, any errors or discrepancies are immediately brought to your attention.

Cut through the complexity

CaseWare dramatically reduces the time and frustration spent on drafting and preparation of Annual Financial Statements. CaseWare also automates your lead schedules, and takes care of formatting, which means you can spend more time on data interpretation than its preparation.