Public Sector Audit

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Public Sector Audit

Trusted by top auditing firms across Africa and the rest of the globe, CaseWare Audit for the Public Sector has all the benefits of our renowned auditing solution.

As Africa continues to be under the looking glass from global investors it has become even more important to ensure governments are operating at optimum level and that mechanisms exist to track and report on fiscal accountability. As such, the role of the Auditor General is more vital than it has ever been as their focus has shifted from not only ensuring the book of accounts is correct, but how resources are managed and the impact this has on the country as a whole.

With this increased pressure, the importance of systems designed to improve efficiencies, reduce risk and guarantee compliance is essential. CaseWare Audit for the Public Sector has been specifically designed with this in mind and is the ultimate end-to-end auditing solution that handles the entire engagement from planning phase to finalisation.


Designed specifically to meet the needs for the Public Sector Audit, CaseWare increases your efficiency, while adding new effectiveness to your audits.

Financial Statements

CaseWare automates a full set of IPSAS or IFRS compliant financial statements for public sector reporting.