IPSAS Financial Statements

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IPSAS Financial Statements

CaseWare has been automating compliant financial statements for the public sector for over 10 years. Because we understand the reporting needs of this sector, our IPSAS financial statement templates makes the process easier, more efficient and guarantees your compliance.

Achieve IPSAS automation like never before and produce intelligent, high quality financial statements with CaseWare.

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Improved efficiencies

CaseWare drastically reduces the time frustration spent on drafting IPSAS Annual Financial Statements. We’ve automated everything that can be automated when it comes to the production of Financial Statements – even lead schedules and formatting making preparation and review by the Auditor General much easier.

Trusted compliance

CaseWare is the only solution that intelligently applies disclosure and adjusts the full set of financial statements according to your requirements. Our experts continually update the software in line with new disclosure which means that you are always assured of full compliance with IPSAS.

Increased accuracy

To help you improve the quality and credibility of your IPSAS financial statements, CaseWare eliminates the risk of errors and inconsistencies associated with using complicated spreadsheets. Built-in validation immediately brings any discrepancies to your attention. Lead sheets and overall analytical review documents are automatically updated in real-time providing you with a complete electronic audit file