Grand Namibia uses CaseWare Working Papers

Namibian accounting and auditing firm Grand Namibia, has found a firm favourite in CaseWare, a solution which it says adds considerable value to its operations. As an organisation which believes in getting the most from its investments in software, it has appointed a “CaseWare Champion”, tasked with ensuring that full use is made of the features and functions of the solution. He is Conrad Shanjengange. “While we have used CaseWare since before I started at Grand Namibia, there is no doubt of its ability to support an efficient and complete audit,” says Shanjengange. “It ensures proper process is followed and helps our CAs get their work done much faster.” When asked what is particularly useful about CaseWare, Shanjengange is unequivocal. “Everything. Without it, it is unlikely that we would deliver as quickly and efficiently to our clients.”

He points to CaseWare Working Papers, which automates customer engagements to produce quality financial statements with guaranteed improvements in productivity of up to 1,000%. “This solution provides ease of reference to lead schedules and other engagement related information. It is a structured guide to execute an efficient and complete audit.”

Given that the regulations governing accounting are in a constant state of flux, he adds that CaseWare has always kept abreast of standards. “Today, the solution ensures compliance with IFRS requirements as well as all other pertinent regulations,”

Shanjengange confirms: “It’s a great tool in conducting engagements. It enhances the efficiency and saves costs by making our people more efficient in their work. Simply put, CaseWare provides ease of reference and proper guidance to drastically enhances the audit.”