Number Two Piggeries streamlines its financial processes with Caseware

As one of South Africa’s largest agricultural enterprises Number Two Piggeries relies on Caseware to coordinate the complex process of consolidating its financial statements for audit—and to provide management with accurate monthly audits.

Business goals/challenges

Number Two Piggeries has multiple farming operations around the country, each one of which is a separate cost centre with its own bank account and bookkeeper.

Business benefits

Caseware Working Papers and CaseView enable Number Two Piggeries to consolidate its financial statements much more easily and accurately across a sprawling enterprise. Turnaround time for producing audit-ready financial statements has now been reduced by two months. By taking on a task that its auditors had previously performed, Caseware also saves on costs. Another key benefit is that the company can produce monthly financial statements that give executive management oversight of the organisation as a whole, and the ability to take decisions based on up-to-date and accurate information. “Caseware gives me a clear view of what my staff is doing across the company and makes it easy for us to identify and deal with queries as they arise,” Mr Adams says. “We have gained efficiencies while saving costs and being able to provide monthly financials enables tight management, which is important to underpin our profitable growth.” Consolidating all these cost centres manually could be extremely time-consuming but, says Group Accountant Renato Adams, Caseware Working Papers provides the perfect platform to automate the process. Mr Adams joined the company in 2016 and one of his first moves was to install Caseware Working Papers to facilitate the speedy consolidation of the financials. The company also uses CaseView, part of the Working Papers suite, to format the financial statements to publishing quality. Because it integrates seamlessly with Working Papers, CaseView automatically updates when any changes are made in Working Papers, ensuring one version of the truth, and avoiding discrepancies. Each farm or cost centre had its own Caseware licence but during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdowns, when working from home became a business necessity, Number Two Piggeries acquired a cloud licence. Mr Adams says that this made an enormous difference to his ability to manage a dispersed team.

The Solution

Caseware Cloud

Caseware Cloud

World-class compliance and streamlined automation, from any location, on any device, at any time.

Caseware Working Papers

Caseware Working Papers

A flexible project management solution that integrates everything needed to conduct assurance and reporting engagements.

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