The Benefits Of CloudSec Secretarial Software

If you need assistance managing your CIPC statutory compliance needs, CloudSec secretarial software is the solution for your business.  CloudSec manages and builds structure around all your secretarial tasks while taking care of all your CIPC statutory compliance processes in one place.
CloudSec uses our Caseware Cloud Platform to manage and take care of all the processes that surround secretarial work. It connects you, the client, and CIPC. You will also earn more from secretarial work by building up efficiencies at every point in every process.

Experience The Benefits Of Secretarial Software That Works For You

Work faster than ever before as CloudSec automates functions that by nature have high activity volumes and are admin intensive. Do this while building structure and automation around all the processes to ensure that you are always compliant. Never worry about behind-the-scenes admin as CloudSec uses the powerful Caseware Cloudfile management functionality to archive, maintain, and automatically back up all your secretarial documentation. The power of the Cloud allows you to access the most up-to-date information and documentation from anywhere at any time. Over and above always having one version of the truth, the application is built for better collaboration with you and your clients when preparing, submitting, and maintaining secretarial documentation.
How has this changed the way you work today? You are better able to track daily tasks, assign activities and view this in one timeline. Work closely with your client on a secure portal by sharing documentation and project updates.
You’ll never miss a step with the predefined workflow which guides you step by step to a completed CIPC bundle. The capability to track daily tasks, work closely with your clients and manage the Cloud documentation allows you to work much faster than before.
Find out more about CloudSec secretarial software and how it can transform your CIPC secretarial statutory compliance requirements.

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