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Accounting professionals tend to feel strongly about CQS’ CaseWare solutions. That’s because once they start using software specifically designed to support their work, it becomes indispensable. That’s certainly the case for Mary-Anne Fanner, proprietor of Compu-Accounting, a company which provides accounting and tax consultancy services.





“We’ve relied on CaseWare Time for the last 8 years, but still remember when we first moved to it,” says Fanner. “That’s because it paid for itself within two months.”

Keeping track of time spent on clients was formerly done in a spreadsheet, continues Fanner. “This was inadequate as the possibility of missing billable hours was always there. With CaseWare Time, that problem is eliminated. You can easily review work in progress through the month gauge if enough has been done to bill in that month. With reports pertaining to client history, you can instantly see if the client is worth writing down for non-billable hours,” she says.

The solution also supports improved staff productivity. “You can manage your staff far more efficiently regarding their billable and non-billable time. You can also see baselines and compare each year’s productivity against the preceding years,” Fanner notes.

And with an accurate record of which employees have turned in the most billable hours, CaseWare Time makes it easy to decide on bonuses and annual increases based on productivity reports.

“CaseWare saves time, improves productivity and efficiency, while providing an instant view of the company performance at any time. There is much more to CaseWare Time than just billing, it’s a management tool. It gives me more control and allows me to effectively manage my practice. Would I recommend it? Absolutely.”

“That’s because it paid for itself within two months.”

Mary-Anne Fanner

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