GRAP Financial Statements

Prepare automated GRAP annual and year-to-date financial statements.

GRAP Financial Statements enable public sector finance professionals in public entities, TVET colleges, municipalities, municipal entities, constitutional entities, legislatures and trading accounts to automate the preparation of GRAP financial statements.

Preparers can easily modify all elements of the statements, notes and disclosures with extensive configuration options. This includes flexible lead sheets and supports the various applicable Standard Chart of Accounts to simplify mapping and account assignment.

When combined with Caseware Cloud and SmartSync™, distributed teams can seamlessly collaborate together on the same engagement, wherever they are, at any time.

Key Features

Compliance 4

GRAP Compliance

Automate and update the financial statements to the latest relevant Standards of GRAP.

Import 4

Seamless Data imports

Import a trial balance or general ledger details from over 60 accounting packages, Excel, CSV and ASCII.

Automation 1


Drive continuity from one data source across all statements, notes,  disclosures and working papers.

Mapping 3

Mapping and Lead Sheets

Automate reports and lead sheet schedules with simplified account assignments to reporting categories.

RoleForward 3

Built-in Roll-forward

Increase efficiency by leveraging extensive built-in logic to roll-forward selected information related to the client.

Adjusting 3

Super Insert and Formatting

Configure the financial statements to meet specific requirements using built-in automation creation features.

Permissions 2

Permissions and Staff Assignment

Create, assign, track issues and review notes, monitor to-do lists, manage, review and approve using up to 8 sign-offs.

Consolidation FS

Built-in Consolidation

Aggregate many trial balances from various General Ledger Systems to simplify group reporting in a central platform.

Required Products:

GRAP Financial Statements​

GRAP Financial Statements

Prepare automated GRAP annual and year-to-date financial statements.

Caseware Working Papers

Caseware Working Papers

A flexible project management solution that integrates everything needed to conduct assurance and reporting engagements.

In Product Add-Ons:

Caseware Consolidation

Caseware Consolidation

Combine several entities into a single parent company to create consolidated financial statements.

Optional Extras:

MBRR Schedules

MBRR Schedules

Prepare automated Municipal Budget Reporting & Regulation (MBRR) schedules as required by the MFMA Act.

Caseware Cloud

Caseware Cloud

World-class compliance and streamlined automation, from any location, on any device, at any time.

Caseware Connector

Caseware Connector

Enable Microsoft® Word and Excel® with the power of Caseware Working Papers.

Caseware SmartSync™

Caseware SmartSync™

Collaborate on Caseware Working Paper files from anywhere, at any time.

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