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Thanks to the transformation of bulky client/server environments into lean, powerful networking architectures, discussions between CIOs and CFOs about new technology acquisitions are much easier than they were a few years ago. Compared to a decade ago, storage and data transmission capacities are far superior and more affordable, setting the stage for innovative firms to establish themselves in their industries of choice. Modern audit and accounting practices are also leveraging technological advancements to differentiate themselves in crowded markets – using advanced software to add value to their client services and thereby remaining profitable and competitive.


CaseWare is the financial statement and audit software that helps practices do just that. In this blog, we explore why it is the solution of choice for more than 15 000 users across the African continent.

CaseWare is designed by leading experts

CaseWare is a product designed by financial professionals who understand the needs of modern accounting and audit practices, and the challenges they face in functioning efficiently and profitably. Our diverse team has the knowledge and experience necessary to create a financial statement and audit solution that streamlines process-heavy functions and boosts operational efficiency to benefit your business. Built-in validation and automation tools allow you to focus on what’s important, without having to waste time fixing errors. CaseWare works to save you time and facilitate faster turnaround times for your clients. You are able to produce financial statements much faster, leading to more billable hours – and higher profits.

Continued access to the technical know-how and support of local and international product and industry experts allows our clients to experience good ROI with a product that is designed by those who understand the nuances and difficulties of your sector. CaseWare provides international assurance and quality, while allowing for local customisation and support. Combining the insights of 130 countries and world-class development techniques, this is a software solution that is unsurpassed.

Scalability to suit your needs

As businesses grow and develop, their tools must change to meet their new needs. In the past, IT budgets needed to compensate for platforms becoming obsolete as new technology replaced older models. Complicated licensing agreements added time and pricing pressure to overworked IT managers, negatively impacting the overall efficiency of practices. With CaseWare, these issues no longer exist. Our platforms can be hosted in the cloud or deployed locally, or even used in a combination thereof. Licensing is very simple – you pay for what you use. This means that as your business evolves, so too can your use of our product. There is no need for pricey IT hardware or specialist technical staff to keep your systems running. You can upgrade or downgrade as you see fit, without having to invest in additional hard and software products. This translates to excellent ROI, and makes us the perfect fit for firms of all sizes.

Compliance is guaranteed

Accounting and Audit professionals stake their reputations on their ability to provide clients with services that keep them on the right side of the law and regulations. Compliance is not optional – it can make or break a business. CaseWare taps into an extensive network of content providers to ensure adherence to local and international compliance requirements, giving you and your clients peace of mind and allowing you to focus on building relationships and growing your firm.

An industry standard

CaseWare is designed to save you time, improve your team’s performance, and help you identify ways to add value to your client services. All of our systems are centred around efficiency, compliance and quality. No more risky Excel spreadsheets – this is a comprehensive, safe and reliable solution that will transform your practice and position you as an industry leader. To get the most out of your investment, you can take advantage of our expert knowledge through our comprehensive training programmes, further increasing your ROI and lowering TCO. Practices today require the tools to face the challenges of uncertain, changing markets – and CaseWare is a solution that will help you stay ahead.

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