Audit International – Leading Paperless Auditing Solution

Completely integrated with accounting and a Caseware engagement file, Audit International is the leading, paperless audit solution, designed to produce shorter, faster, risk-focused audits. Built using the Caseware International audit platform and designed around the international standards on auditing.

Templates are available in the following profiles:

  • Minimal
  • Basic
  • One Form
  • One Form+
  • Core
  • And can be tailored for engagement

The dashboard screen, which is divided into planning and risk assessment, risk response and completion and reporting stages, makes navigation easy for inexperienced users and gives a simplified view of the status of the audit at any time. Using Caseware’s audit optimiser, the file is tailored very rapidly to focus only on the areas required and eliminating any unnecessary work.

What Else Can Our Paperless Audit Solution Do For You?

Checklists are answered using simple, dropdown menus with automated sign-off and the lightning buttons allow users to answer entire sections in one go. Risks, controls, and management letter points can be raised at any time on a simple to follow dialogue and associated to work programmes or other documents.

The financial statement areas, FSA worksheet records, allows you to plan your audit based on risks and provides a central point for recording your risk response. Any risks raised are automatically fed through to the associated work programme as is materiality and the planning information from the FSA documents.

Work programmes can be easily tailored to address and identify risks and the results fed back to the risk dialogue and risk report. Results are easily recorded in the comment boxes, which expand to accommodate text and you can refer to any piece of supporting evidence in the document manager. Any audit issues can be identified, assigned, and cleared and reported easily.

On-screen review, times are reduced and audit quality is improved by channelling critical information to the completion documents, automated management letters, and associated reports.

Empower Your Auditing Firm With Audit International

Our leading paperless auditing solution will help you empower your auditing firm, while exceeding expectations, reducing risk, complying with the latest regulations and improving profitability. Caseware Africa, an adapt IT company, a leader in assurance software solutions.

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