Caseware Working Papers – Financial Reporting Solution

Whether it’s financial reporting, auditing, or tax, the core platform and beating heart of any Caseware solution is Caseware Working Papers. Our premium financial reporting solution allows you to easily import your financial data from Excel, CSV, or hundreds of general ledger systems such as Sage and Quick Books, or you can type a TB straight in. Follow a simple once-only mapping routine and our Caseware financial reporting solution will automatically produce an array of automated lead schedules using your nominal code structure.

What Can This Financial Reporting Solution Do For You?

  • Get total visibility and control with drill-down functionality from the face of your financial statements, right down to individual transactions and summarised lead schedules, which can be annotated with notes or cross-referenced to supporting evidence.
  • Caseware Working Papers allows you to store and manage all your supporting evidence in one secure, archivable place. Adding documents to the document manager couldn’t be easier with simple drag and drop.
  • Use electronic sign-off to control workflow and add milestones to track changes, giving you total confidence in the accuracy of the numbers on your report.
  • Review points are created and cleared in the customisable issues pane, making the whole process simple to manage and ensuring nothing is missed, even in teams working in different offices or time zones.
  • Save anything in Working Papers to PDF or Excel, or use complementary tools such as Caseware Connector to automate Excel and Word documents.
Caseware Working Papers gives you the whole story behind your engagement. The incredible reporting power and accuracy of CaseWare Working Papers eradicates misreporting risks and significantly reduces both production and review times. For a financial reporting solution that removes administration and the possibility of errors, look no further.

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