Get up to speed on Caseware Working Papers fast, easily and for free!

Class of 2018 is available to first year articles clerk (and anyone else who is interested) and provides all you need to train up on CWWP to future proof your career.

Like all great software, getting real value from solutions depends substantially on knowing how to use the products. That’s why Caseware has created “Class of 2018”, a fit-for-purpose training programme to get you up and running on Caseware Working Papers (CWWP) fast.

Class of 2018 is available to first year articles clerk (and anyone else who is interested) and provides all you need to train up on CWWP to future proof your career. The course is designed to help Caseware build a community of champion users, while taking care of the all-important induction and upskilling of new users to start a journey towards success when using Caseware Africa products.

Best of all, the training is free of charge and you can sign up and download it right away to get started.

Why is training in CWWP important?
The work of the modern professional and chartered accountant has changed drastically in a short space of time. With the introduction of modern technology like CWWP (and the broader Caseware portfolio), much of the repetitive, time consuming work is being automated.

This frees up trainees to focus on adding value rather than capturing figures, and enables greater transparency as financial results can be accessed easily as frequently as desired, not only at year-end.
Proficiency in tools which accelerate productivity and improve efficiency is crucial for the success of the trainees of today and tomorrow.

What can you expect out of Class of 2018?
Go ahead and sign up and you’ll receive the eLearning module via email. The application works offline, so you don’t have to be connected to the internet to use it. With a blended learning approach, Class of 2018 combines weekly e-mails, videos and social media engagement, making the learning process engaging and rewarding.

Consider Class of 2018 a way to jump start your drive to achieve career goals. It is an ideal way to start learning the technical functionality of the software you’ll be using without having to wait on, or rely on, internal training processes. You’ll find it will supplement and fill any gaps in on-the-job training, aligning to the audit processes/cycle. Because the content on the module can be accessed at any stage in your audit, review and compilation cycle, it serves as a handy reference should you need help.

Join us online: LinkedIn Group
We’ve established a closed LinkedIn group for audit, accounting and finance professionals who are learning about and using Caseware Africa products. Join us to start conversations with peers, ask questions, get guidance and contribute to the Caseware community, which includes Training Facilitators and Caseware Champions.

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