Caseware Africa launches CloudTax: powerful new solution for tax practitioners

Caseware Africa, a division of Adapt IT, has launched CloudTax, a powerful new product aimed at small, medium and large tax practices.

CloudTax provides tax practitioners with a central place to manage their entire practice which integrates seamlessly with SARS eFiling, says Katharine Janisch, Head of Sales and Marketing at Caseware Africa.”Initially, we have focused on provisional tax returns, but corporate and individual return capabilities are being developed in time for clients with December year ends and the opening of the 2018 individual tax season in July 2018. This powerful product enables companies to gain complete control through full visibility of their tax practice. It facilitates tracking the status of every return for every client at the right time and from one central dashboard. Practitioners can view correspondence from SARS and clients from a single platform without logging into eFiling,” says Janisch.She highlights CloudTax’s delivery of improved productivity and profitability yields. “The product essentially eliminates as many previously manual processes as possible and in doing so, saves time and enables practitioners to focus on giving their clients advice rather than just number crunching for them. Moreover, CloudTax seamlessly integrates with the financial reporting solution Caseware Working Papers, meaning that practitioners will never again have to recapture financial data to populate a return, nor will they have to search for information relating to any client, it is right at their fingertips. Automatically triggered workflows display where you are with every client at any time,” she notes.CloudTax also enables practitioners to track all client and SARS correspondence giving them the ability to respond timeously. Janisch says, simply put – CloudTax enables tax practitioners to improve their client services and position themselves in a consulting/advisory capacity through the automation of processes that would otherwise detract from their time and focus. “One of the most exciting prospects for practitioners using CloudTax is that they will never again worry about missing a deadline – now that is a major benefit for this business sector. Even more exciting is that this solution is affordably priced for even the smallest tax practice, while providing the scalability and depth required by some of the largest tax practices in the industry,” concludes Janisch

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