Probe Compilation

Empowering compilers of financial statements to create seamless and comprehensive compilation engagements.

Probe Compilation is a fast and easy-to-use compilation solution in compliance with ISRS 4410 (Revised) Compilation Engagements.

Simplified trial balance imports, seamless integration with financial statements and lead sheets, helps to automate planning documents and work programs. The compiler can prepare the financial statements to be submitted on their own, or to be sent for review or audit.

When used together with Probe Audit Premium+  or Probe Review, managers and partners can control who in the team has access to specific elements of the various engagements and easily delegate work across teams – segregating duties appropriately.

Key Features

Methodology 2

Built-in Methodology

Record information once-off using a structured workflow that reduces the risk of inconsistencies and errors in the engagement.

Updates 2

Regular Compliance Updates

Compile using the latest relevant International Standards and guidance issued by the accountancy body.

Risk 2

Risk Mitigation

Empower management with protection settings that control the ability for users to insert, delete and ignore procedures.

Automation 2


Utilise checklists, questionnaires, queries and work programs that intelligently expand or collapse according to the engagement.

UserCollaboration 2

Real Time Collaboration

Collaborate in real-time to reduce non-working time and make teams more efficient.

History 2

Complete History

Retain all actions and events performed during the audit engagement up until the electronic lock down of the file.

Security Settings 2

Security Settings and Protection

Control user rights on an individual basis and work allocated to staff based on the documents assigned to them.

RoleForward 2

Built-in Roll-forward

Increase efficiency by leveraging extensive built-in logic to roll-forward selected information related to the client.

Required Products:

Probe Compilation

Probe Compilation

Empowering compilers of financial statements to create seamless and comprehensive compilation engagements.

cwa Working Papers

Caseware Working Papers

A flexible project management solution that integrates everything needed to conduct assurance and reporting engagements.

Optional Extras:

Probe Audit Premium

Probe Audit Premium+

Auditing that’s easier, faster and complies with the latest International Standards on Auditing.

Probe Review

Probe Review

An instinctive review methodology which intelligently adjusts to your clients’ areas likely to be misstated.

CW Cloud Time

Caseware Cloud Time

Monitor every aspect of the practice to ensure teams are working effectively and optimised for profitability.


Caseware Connector

Enable Microsoft® Word and Excel® with the power of Caseware Working Papers.


Caseware SmartSync™

Collaborate on Caseware Working Paper files from anywhere, at any time.

CaseWare Cloud

Caseware Cloud

World-class compliance and streamlined automation, from any location, on any device, at any time.

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