Adapt IT International awarded prestigious MQA certification

Mauritius Tuesday 11th January, 2022:

Adapt IT International, the Mauritius-based subsidiary of Adapt IT Holdings Limited, has been certified as a Registered Training Institution by the Mauritius Qualifications Authority (MQA). This is a significant achievement and will position Adapt IT International as one of the elite group of MQA-certified training institutions in the country.

“MQA certification is an extremely rigorous process that took us two years to achieve, and we are very honoured to have been judged to meet the Authority’s high standards,” says Sandrine Permall, CaseWare Africa’s Mauritius Branch Manager. CaseWare Africa is a division of Adapt IT and is the African reseller for CaseWare International – the global leader in auditing and financial reporting software.

MQA-certified training companies must also demonstrate that they have policies and procedures in place to deliver training effectively, and to gather, and act on, client feedback. The aim of the MQA is to ensure that the Mauritian workforce is constantly being upskilled to maintain its position as Africa’s governance and finance hub, in line with the mandates of the Human Resource Development Council (HRDC). Moreover, up to 75% of training costs provided by MQA-registered training institutions can be claimed back from the HRDC.

Mrs. Permall confirms that financial professionals and auditors have a key role to play across commerce. A highly skilled corps of accounting and auditing professionals is essential if Mauritius is to continue along its current growth trajectory and realise its goals as a country. Mauritian accounting and auditing professionals need to be able to use the latest technologies to improve their productivity, enhance the quality of their outputs and ensure that they comply with an increasingly complex body of global regulations—especially since Mauritius is seen as a desirable domicile for international companies operating in Africa.

CaseWare has a proven track record of helping the accounting and auditing profession to work smarter. For example, CaseWare Cloud allows distributed teams to collaborate easily and maintain strict version control while the CaseWare platform ensures that wasteful and inaccurate manual inputting of figures is minimised with one version of the truth. CaseWare’s templates are constantly updated to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations and standards mitigating a key risk for the profession and its clients.

“CaseWare has a major role to play in equipping all Mauritian financial and auditing professionals to compete with international firms and provide their clients with the best possible outcomes,” she says.

“MQA accreditation means that we are now in an even better position to provide our clients with the training they need to realise the software’s full potential, underpinned by the refund of up to 75% of the total cost of the training,” Mrs. Permall concludes.

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