Audit Preparation Pack

AFS & Audit Preparation Pack

Manage the Financial Statement preparation process and automatically create the audit pack for auditors.

Caseware AFS & Audit Preparation Pack empowers preparers, and the teams supporting the preparers, with more control over the Financial Statement preparation process. This greatly improves the quality of the Financial Statements, whilst automatically helping to create the audit pack for auditors.

Built-in queries enable teams to digitally collect supporting evidence from multiple stakeholders, with a complete audit trail that automatically keeps track of who is working on what and by when activities are due. Checklists for each financial area guides the preparer to consider and obtain all the relevant inputs to the financial statements, which significantly improves overall quality. Evidence for the audit is created on an ongoing basis, which automatically indexes information and easily enables users to share information in a structured manner to their auditors.

Powered by Caseware Cloud, AFS & Audit Preparation Pack is always available from any location, on any device, at any time.

Key Features

Query and Track

Utilised predefined queries which will automatically be tracked and managed.

Perform Checks

Use preconfigured checklists which will guide the team to produce high quality AFS.

Segregation of Duties

Automatically identify, track and manage the users in the process, enabling efficient segregation of duties and work allocation.

Audit Pack

Create an “Audit Pack”
as part of the process in obtaining and reviewing the supporting evidence, and easily share with
the auditors.

Required Products:

GRAP Financial Statements​

GRAP Financial Statements

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mSCOA Specimen Financial Statements​

mSCOA Specimen Financial Statements

Prepare automated annual and year-to-date financial statements as per the National Treasury mSCOA Specimen Financial Statements.

Caseware Working Papers

Caseware Working Papers

A flexible project management solution that integrates everything needed to conduct assurance and reporting engagements.

In Product Add-Ons:

MBRR Schedules

MBRR Schedules

Prepare automated Municipal Budget Reporting & Regulation (MBRR) schedules as required by the MFMA Act.

Caseware Consolidation

Caseware Consolidation

Combine several entities into a single parent company to create consolidated financial statements.

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